More Testimonials


"What a FABULOUS time we had with you today!  So many teachers have commented on how wonderful your presentation was and that you really know your audience.  I especially enjoyed the "Eagle Eyes" activity where students looked for differences in the rough vs. final copies of illustrations. :)  There is a fun buzz in the air about your books and we can't wait to get them for our library.  Thank you for taking the time to read with our students and to talk about your books and your inspiration for writing."

-- Lindsey Sachs, Central Park School for Children

"If you are looking for a guest reader who can captivate your students and connect their experience as writers to book publishing, then look no farther. Kelly Starling Lyons is well prepared, adaptable, and sensitive to the needs of children. My students were enthralled by her multi-media presentation and I loved that she demonstrated how stories really do come from our experiences."

-- Hollie R. Johnson, Third Grade Teacher,

Kingswood Elementary

"I wanted to let you know how much our fourth grade students and teachers enjoyed having you as our Writer-in-Residence this year.  Your program was well received and we appreciate your professionalism, your energy, your expertise, and your desire to positively influence students.

I was extremely impressed at how well our students responded to the methods you used to model the steps in the writing process. The proof was in their final stories which they presented so proudly the last day you were with them. It was obvious that they had paid attention, followed your instructions, and internalized the writing process. I firmly believe that they will never forget

this experience or you . . . "

-- Terry Kokenes, ESL Teacher, Barwell Road Elementary

". . . Ms. Lyons presented 'Bringing Black History to Life' using her book One Million Men and Me and a fabulous PowerPoint presentation that gave visuals to enhance her talk.  She was able to tie her presentation into the Black History Month assembly the students had recently participated in and the trip to Washington, DC that they would be going on the following month.  Through her book and presentation, she brought to life the experiences of the people . . ."

-- Brenda Shore, Media Specialist, Conn Elementary

"We had a wonderful experience with Kelly Lyons at our Center. She was well-prepared and could read the audience and adjust her presentation according to the needs and interests of our students. She was very responsive when we were setting up her visit and willing to work with our schedule. We highly recommend her as a speaker to groups of any age." 

-- Amy Cummings, Education Program Leader, Emily K Center

"On June 7, 2010, John Taylor Williams M.S. hosted Ms. Kelly Lyons, author of “One Million Men and Me.” She shared the creation and thought process of her book with over sixty middle school students. Ms. Lyons' presentation to our students was both entertaining and informative. Her discussion also included the historical links and significance of where the story takes place. Our students thoroughly enjoyed her enthusiasm. Thank you so much! You have brought to light a very important event in this beautifully written and illustrated book!"

-- Murielle Casimir, Media Specialist, John Taylor Williams M.S.

"Wow, the visit our students had with Ms. Kelly Starling-Lyons lit that flame in the classroom.  After the session, I used her quote, "paint pictures with my words," as the art class discussed our experience.  I read passages to my art students and they listened as if they were awaiting a magic spell.  Guess what? It was magic.  They took the words that I read and automatically sketched thumb nails to the words.  The entire day was magical.  Thank you, Ms. Starling-Lyons for bringing that magic to

Zebulon GT Magnet Middle."

-- Lisa Peszko, Art Teacher, Zebulon GT Magnet Middle

"Kelly Starling Lyons adapted her “Bringing Black History to Life” program for our 4th and 5th graders. Her presentation for each group was appropriate for the students and they were excited to meet a “real author!” Her style was relaxed enough that the students felt free to ask questions not only about the history presented, but also about the writing process and about authors. She was great with her interactions and openly honest in her answers to their questions. We were pleased to see how she wove the writing process into her program. Students could relate to her writing experiences. We would love to have her visit again!"

-- Beth Obenschain, Teacher Librarian,

Leesville Road Elementary


"I liked the story about the little girl who looks just like me. i met the author and she was really nice. she signed my book and was a lot of fun. i like learning about the girl who went on an important trip with her dad because my dad works all the time, far away. i hope i can go on a trip with my dad one day."

-- Tia, 6

"The presentation was inspiring and increased the level of my education on my own race.  It showed me how far we've come through to get our freedom."

-- Areana  

"Kelly Lyons speech was very inspiring.  She inspired me to continue my story."

-- Justyce

  "Kelly Lyons gave me the inspirations to become a writer.  Her speech touched me."

-- Taylor 

"Kelly Lyons is a good author.  She said she wasn't a very good artist but her words are artistic and touching."

-- Mikeal

"Kelly Lyons has touched my soul with her writing and her life should be inspirational to all."

-- Lance  

"thank you for the book. I like the part when they prayed together that might stop the fighting around here."

-- Tayjah

"I love your book, One Million Men and Me. I like it when it says: I am a Man. I am one in a million. That was my favorite part."

-- Kayla

"I love your book One Million Men and Me. It reminds me of a lot of men in my family. It's a very, very, very nice book. Thank you for coming to my school."

-- Chalayia

“I enjoyed your book. I like how you use lots of details in your story. I like the part when you said, ‘One million black men. One million black kings.’ I hope you make another one soon."

-- Jahji