"Who says dinosaurs are old fossils? The lively dinos gathered here show that they can cut a rug with the best of them. One dino on the dance floor is joined by another for a graceful waltz. One more hops in, and the three dinos dance a slick Dougie. When a fourth dino gets on the floor, they break into a sassy country swing. So on and so forth, through the limbo, break dancing, Cupid Shuffle and several other dances until there are nine bumping to the hustle. When number 10, a roaring tyrannosaurus, stomps forth, everyone halts in worried anticipation - until T-Rex strikes a funky pose and begins a moonwalk. After a brief cool-down in a water hole, the dancing commences once more . . . when the smiling dino faces and lively posturing combine with the snappy rhyming text, it's hard not to get caught up in the frivolity."

-- Randall Enos


"In this delightful picture book for the youngest readers, dinosaurs stomp, race and roar across the dance floor, teaching lessons in math, counting and reading. This dino dance party is a fun, educational read."

-- Hope Wabuke


"Kelly Starling Lyons' One More Dino on the Floor (Whitman, ages 4-7) imagines a frolicsome dinosaur ball. The author busts out some amazing writing moves as she unites counting with a plethora of vivid verbs, evocatively describes dance styles and gives the text a strong rhythm. There's a hint of tension when T. rex arrives. Will he end the frolicking? No, he only wants to show off his moonwalk. Luke Flowers' illustrations add even more energetic expression to Lyons' rollicking adventure."

-- Susie Wilde